Wilderness Society

For over forty years the Wilderness Society has worked to conserve nature for future generations.

What began with protests at Tasmania’s Franklin River has evolved into a broader mission to support and preserve life on our planet.

Today the organisation is a proud force for change, ready for the environmental challenges that lie ahead.

Our challenge was to create a new identity system to deliver this message across all channels.

Beginning in 2016, research on this project could be euphemistically described as diverse.

It was all over the shop.

We investigated everything from history, science and the natural world through to digital branding and technology.

By February 2017 we were pretty confident that we had the answer. It was a wave that caught our attention. A form endlessly repeated throughout nature.

Part science, part organic process. A geomorphological meander borne of erosion and deposition over millennia.

A year later and ready to launch, we return to the Franklin River where the Wilderness Society was born.

It's a fitting place to begin.

The logo is a wiggly line dubbed 'The River'. It's a simple and natural concept that's about the forces which shape and support life.

It can be a pulse.

Or a wave.

It's a mark that meanders through its surroundings. An organic, friendly and playful tool.

We tried not to over-engineer it, preferring to retain an expressive and intuitive finish.

There’s also an adventurous quality in the execution, consciously moving toward the language of outdoor and active brands.

We use this positive energy to frame a hopeful and engaged environmental conversation.

The new Wilderness green is lighter, more vibrant and digital ready.

The secondary palette is brighter and more accessible. Again a subtle positive language shift.

The river motif can expand, animate and be used to communicate ideas.

Or it can be used in almost infinitely variable configurations across collateral.

Get behind the organisation that supports life! Visit wilderness.org.au.

Stay tuned, there's more to come.