Credit Clear

    Financial Technology

A technology startup simplifying the payment process for both businesses and consumers.


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Credit Clear facilitates transactions. It makes secure payments easier for both client and consumer. And it does so at scale. Everybody wins, that’s all good, right?

Not quite. It’s one thing to build the technology that makes these things possible. There are many more moving parts that need to work together in order to build trust and sell it. Communication is key.

Alter was engaged to develop an identity and then a mobile payment system user flow. We designed UI/UX for mobile application components for both end user and administrative functions. And a website. All of this was then handed over to Credit Clear to take the reins and ride off into a glorious Western sunset. Good luck in the USA folks.

The identity features a strong focus on the use of motion. It’s a platform ready application. The brandmark is a component of a wider ecosystem of animated interactive icons, it is used as a swipe or touch element to enable transactions.
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